I do professional quality design of logos, websites, print advertising, video production and 3-D animation. This is the fourth iteration of my site, and it now has my recent ads and web media services. Check out my portfolio, case studies, and contact me anytime!
Exciting New Projects

Money Mart

Working with the amazing talents of one of Vancouver’s most creative ad agencies, Meehan & Lewis, I directed actors and created a new website for the Titanium Mastercard which features full-motion video.
See the Titanium website here.

Signal Systems

Ongoing work with Signal Systems is going incredibly well. I created new seasonal graphics for the website to celebrate the holiday and urge users to purchase gifts from the eCommerce online store.
See my Signal portfolio here.

Video Production

I've been directing and producing videos for years, and have created many video productions for my clients. Corporate videos, television commercials and even animated sequences are some examples. To view, click here.


Over the last couple of years I've started to do a lot of print and television advertising. I do regular print ads for Vancouver Film Studios, Signal Systems, and have produced TV ads for Absolute Poker and Tango Personals.
See some of my Ads here.

Web Media

Flash animation has been around for many years, but many designers have made the mistake of making the entire site Flash, which makes navigation and search engine registration very difficult. Over the years I've learned to combine html and Flash to take advantage of the benefits of both.
To see an example, click here.

Case Studies

Take a close look at the positive results my designs have created:

Quartech Systems Ltd.

Vancouver Film Studios.

Clubvibes Entertainment Group

You could be one of our satisfied clients!